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Weird Week!

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This week has been very weird for me as I have been completely on my own, usually there is one or other of the rest of the family in and out during the day, but not this week.  It started last weekend; our oldest son has been working overtime for what feels like months, although in reality  he has worked for the last 20 days without a break and is due to work another 8 days before he has a day off.  So he’s not been around going out at 7am and most nights not coming home until 7pm, at least he has a job which he thoroughly enjoys so no complaints in that department.  Although all working has meant we have had to rearrange family events around him, not a hardship really other than having to park our youngest son at his Grandmas whilst we took our daughter to start her university course in Cambridge. 

It is weird that I am missing her more this time than when she went off to Canterbury last September.  I am hardly suffering from empty nest syndrome as the others are all still here.  She has a flat in the student accommodation with 2 other girls and 2 lads who have yet to turn up.  She has enjoyed Fresher’s week but the girls have had to clean the kitchen area of their flats, even though it was supposed to have been done before they moved in.  Whilst we were there last weekend I thought things felt a bit icky and I cleaned the area around the kettle.  Never mind I am sure it will do her good, she is certainly eating better than I thought, what with fillet steak, cakes, chicken all on the menu so far.

The next event that made the week weird  happened on Monday, when our little son went off with his school on a residential trip.  He wasn’t originally going to go but changed his mind at the last minute.  So he was missing too.  Then the husband had to go away to work at the last minute, he won’t be returning until tonight.  With number one son working the house has been very empty and quiet.  I can understand now why people on their own can’t be bothered to cook for themselves.

Oh well all back to normal, well nearly, next week and no I didn’t take advantage of being on my own to do the clearing out that I know I should have, maybe next week!


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