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Images for the week ending today 21st August

If you would like to see all the images I have posted this week in one place, please scroll down to pages in the left hand column and click on images up to 21st August within the Digital Art pages.  Please continue to let me know what you think my email link is still down so you will, I am sorry to say, still have to cut and paste my contact details into your email software.  Thank you for your visit.

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Festival of Quilts

We have arrived home tired and visual exhausted.  My son was ‘parked’ for a while in the cafe area and enjoyed himself quietly playing his Nintendo, even though he got cold.  I spent too much money with Oliver Twists receiving much more than I had intended.  I hope the cupcakes I took for the team on the Kemshall stand, stood up to the bus trips and weren’t too battered when we finally got there this morning.  Take a look at their chair they have been working on for some little while, it is brilliant.

I purchased a daylight light that I have been much in need of for a long time, I rejoined the Computer Textile Design Group, bought textile paints from Ario, and a variety of threads from a Canadian company called Wonderfil whose products I hope will soon be in the Cotton Patch.  Sadly I didn’t buy any fabric again this year nothing grabbed me enough to want it nor could I find the fabric I need for a new quilt.  Beads where sadly missing too.

Having my son with me prevented me looking too hard at the quilts on display and we seem to have missed a fair few, he did enjoy looking at the young quilters display, he kept saying he could do that, well I wonder if he will take up the challenge?  He also wanted to know why his school hadn’t entered a quilt too, perhaps one of his teaches will be prepared to answer that one, I doubt it somehow.

As we walked round he kept asking why I hadn’t got a quilt up hanging, well perhaps it is time I did, I feel one coming along for next year.

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Festival of Quilts – Anticipation

After being less than inspired by the Festival of Quilts last year, I hope this years event again being held at the NEC just outside Birmingham, will be a feast of delights.  The event run by Twisted Thread runs from Thursday 19th August to Sunday 22nd August. 

I will be looking for beads and more beads to embellish both my quilts and my embroideries, I also want a daylight strip light along with threads, unusual fibres in lots of bright colours.

This year I am taking my 10 year old son as I do not have anyone I can leave him with, he is SO not looking forward to it.  Perhaps I can park him with his Nintendo and call in on him occasionally to see if he is ok, I am sure this will go down well with nosey parkers/do gooders who think children can’t cope on their own, I would rather he was sat somewhere minding his own business than annoying not only me but others whilst we are trying to enjoy the show.  He will be armed with a mobile phone and my number and a drink – who is going to try to ‘steal’ him from a quilt show?  He has assured me that he likes this idea and as long as he is left alone he will be quite happy, will my guilt allow me to leave him?