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Festival of Quilts – Anticipation

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After being less than inspired by the Festival of Quilts last year, I hope this years event again being held at the NEC just outside Birmingham, will be a feast of delights.  The event run by Twisted Thread runs from Thursday 19th August to Sunday 22nd August. 

I will be looking for beads and more beads to embellish both my quilts and my embroideries, I also want a daylight strip light along with threads, unusual fibres in lots of bright colours.

This year I am taking my 10 year old son as I do not have anyone I can leave him with, he is SO not looking forward to it.  Perhaps I can park him with his Nintendo and call in on him occasionally to see if he is ok, I am sure this will go down well with nosey parkers/do gooders who think children can’t cope on their own, I would rather he was sat somewhere minding his own business than annoying not only me but others whilst we are trying to enjoy the show.  He will be armed with a mobile phone and my number and a drink – who is going to try to ‘steal’ him from a quilt show?  He has assured me that he likes this idea and as long as he is left alone he will be quite happy, will my guilt allow me to leave him?


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