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Twycross Zoo continued

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On the 4th June I wrote about our disappointing visit to Twycross Zoo, at that time I emailed them to express our upset at the terrible customer service, the lack of clear pricing, the dreadful food service and the misleading way their staff explained the gift aid procedure amongst other things.  My husband also emailed at the same time.

Well, we waited and we waited, I sent further emails on 16th, 25th and again on 29th June, I ‘phoned on 26th June to be told that they had not received my emails, so I sent it again asking for a reply that day – nothing, I resorted to writing in red in very large letters to attract their attention eventually receiving a reply on 30th June offering us free tickets but as that wasn’t the point of the exercise I didn’t reply until Friday 9th July whilst I thought about the situation.  I spoke to the PA to the commercial director who, after some discussion on aspects of customer service agreed to send out the free ticket to our son which would be valid for 12 months.

We had lunch with my mother yesterday so we weren’t around when the post arrived which included a letter addressed to my son from Twycross Zoo containing a compliment slip and a free ticket for two adults and two children valid up to 1st July 2010, can you imagine his disappointment and my anger at having him upset yet again by someone’s incompetence, at least I really hope that was all it was.


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