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Tired Thursday

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What do you do with a child who has a sore neck, small spots that don’t disappear under the glass test, a headache, a sore throat and is crying?  We ended up at Birmingham Children’s Hospital at 10.30 last night – by the time we arrived at the hospital his temperature had gone from 36.9 to 38.1 in less than 20 minutes, yet he was feeling cold with the shivers.  A visit to the nurse then an examination by the doctor and a very large dose of Calpol later we came home.  It turns out that yes, he does have spots that don’t go but it is a viral infection he has got not meningitis, thank goodness.  We got home and straight to bed as he has school in the morning followed by a cricket match and a visit to his tutor, another busy day in a child’s life! It is amazing what Calpol can do, shame it has no affect on hay fever so it will be a dose of Calpol and hay fever syrup for breakfast.  He’ll cope today whilst his parents will suffer the lack of sleep today as they didn’t sleep well last night because of worrying – that’s a parents life!


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