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Remembering Childhood

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I was listening to the radio this morning, Chris Evans breakfast show I think, he had someone on talking about stories that they wished they had written down, childhood memories, how life was when someone was young etc, as once they have gone that is it, everything is forgotten.  Even though we have technology at hand how much nicer it was to have something written down; they discussed how things would be lost forever i.e. a special recipe. 

Do the majority of us feel our lives are interesting enough to be recorded forever, who are we to say what is going to be of interest in the future, perhaps we all should keep an account of daily life, not just in a diary for our eyes only but an account for our children, grandchildren etc. 

I wish I had ask my grandparents to write down their memories as life has changed so much since they where children and they are all long gone.  I may start to compile something for my children.  Gosh I sound so boring sorry but I had to get that off my chest.


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