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Staying in to sign for a package

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Why do delivery companies make life difficult by insisting that they deliver when someone is home when both my neighbours are in all day, the driver knows this.  So today I have to sit in and wait for a package, not a very big package but non the less a package that needs to be waited for.  In this day and age why can’t these companies give a time of delivery or a time slot of less than all day?

Oh, well at least I can get on with some bits and pieces that need to be done.  Continuing the quilt I have in progress for number one son, working out the pattern for a more complicated quilt, finishing three activities for the course I am doing, and finally trying to finish knitting a pair of socks I started a while ago that is before I managed to acquire tennis elbow the Christmas before last!  Oh yes I forgot the cleaning, the cooking, the washing, drying and ironing the last three are fires permitting.


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