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My not so Squirrel proof Bird feeder!

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Squirrel in 'squirrel-proof' bird feeder!

Image our surprise one morning to come down to find our local cheeky squirrel sitting happily eating his breakfast in our ‘squirrel proof’ birder feeder.  Not only has the squirrel been enjoying meal worms and a variety of seeds but the magpies have worked out how to get their share too.  The cleverest magpie has worked out that if it flies at and just pushes the feeder it either falls off or scatters enough food for it and its mate to eat.  The local pigeons cottoned on to the idea that if they stuck around whilst the magpies where in the garden they too would get fed.  Oh no, the magpies wouldn’t stand for that, we saw many a fight between pigeon and magpie, that is until the pigeons worked out how to feed themselves, needless to say the pigeons weren’t as successful as the magpies so much so they have given up flying at the bird feeder – I think they where using their heads rather than their feet, they are so stupid.

Before the squirrel sat in the feeder it had had many attempts to dislodge, rattle, shake and basically try to make a mess of the food but all attempts failed up until this one.  The most spectacular failure happened early one morning with the squirrel running back and forth on the lawn between the feeder and the washing-line prop trying to work out if it could run up the prop along the line to the feeder – it failed in magnificent style the squirrel ran up the prop, the prop slipped, the squirrel frightened itself silly and disappeared over the fence whilst the bird feeder fell off the washing line spilling its contents across the lawn for all the birds to enjoy without interference from the squirrel!

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