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With this recession biting everywhere I have been looking for new ways to boost our income – I think I my have found away but I will not reveal my ideas just yet as I have lots more research to do but watch this space!


This week I have been working on experimentation with oil pastel rubbings on both paper and fabric followed by watercolour washes on the papers and using the pastels on pre dyed fabric.

These photos show the papers – I used texture plates to create the surfaces, shiva sticks to rub over and watercolour washes.

I am still working with the fabrics and haven’t quite achieved the effects I want just yet therefore the photos will have to wait awhile.


As it is back to school next week, this coming week I will be running around collecting school uniform together along with all the stuff my daughter needs to take with her to art college in Canterbury, we have to deliver her there next weekend and probably won’t see her until Christmas, it will be her first time away from home on her own for any length of time – I hope she will be happy.

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