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Well what can I say I have been busy but not with art type stuff until this last week that is. In the last few days I have made a skirt from designing/drafting the pattern to finish in just half a day.  Redesigning/redrafting the pattern for a top and trousers.  Started two watercolour paintings; only one of which I am really happy with, much more work is needed on the second.  I don’t do watercolour but have found this time I actually enjoyed the quickness of this media, this speed was increased due to the heat we have enjoyed (or not!) these last couple of weeks.

my painting

  I used bits of paper that where lying around on the table to collage in places to add a bit of interest.  As I said I am really pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  I am now going to turn this image into a textile piece; first I have scanned the painting into the computer, resized it, prepared cotton fabric for printing by soaking in Bubble Jet Set following the instructions on the bottle, left the fabric to dry then mounted it onto a piece of freezer paper cut to A4. On the leading reverse edge I placed a strip of masking tape to help with the feed through the printer. When printed the piece was left to dry overnight.  Next I am going to re-touch the image using textile paints, including pearlesent and metallic colours, once these are dry and have been heat set I will make a quilt sandwich, quilt and embellish – but that is all for next week along with making another quilt top (I have already designed this whilst writing this blog!), finishing a quilt that has been ready for weeks, working on a knitting project and working on several more paintings.  That I think is enough!


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