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Book Cover

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Book cover

Above is my book.  It was made using hand dyed fabric, coordinating hand dyed threads and rayon threads which were supplied by Linda and Laura Kemshall as part of a competition they were running entitled Love Colour.  The rules specified the piece must not be larger than 30cm x 30cm (12” x 12”) or smaller than 15cm x 15cm (6”x6”) and included some of each of the fabrics and threads.

For sometime now I have been considering making a book, one that I could add to over a period of time, but what to use to facilitate these additions other than a ringer binder type mechanism? I then came across a supplier for, what look like the screws used to hold carpet samples together, they are just the thing as they have a tall cylinder that separates the two screw ends that can be threaded through ‘pages’.

To comply with the competition rules I decided to make my piece 11” by 10”.  This allowed me 1” for the spine and 10” square for the cover itself.  Knowing I had to incorporate both fabrics into the design I decided to showcase the yellow patterned fabric in a centre on point square cut from the centre front, like a window.  The darker purple fabric used for the majority of the cover was cut into a square about an inch larger all round than the cover itself to allow for turning.  The centre of this square was marked on the reverse, where the ‘window’ would fall.  I fused to the back of the darker fabric a square of the yellow fabric again slightly larger than needed so the edges wouldn’t show.  using the yellow thread supplied and a satin stitch, I stitched parallel diagonal lines across this centre square.  Once complete the fabric was cut between the diagonals so there was a satin stitch either side of the cut.  I folded the pieces back to reveal the second fabric, pressing really well to retain the folds.

The centre embroidery was done using water soluble fabric as a basis, I wanted to incorporate both hand dyed threads and the rayon threads in this.  I stitched a frame(now hidden) to add stability to the whole design, then stitched a grid format over the entire piece in blue rayon thread.  The diamonds where then worked over the spaces created by the grid.  I then hand stitched alternate corner squares with the hand dyed threads and a chain stitch to create a heavier line than would be obtain just with running stitch.  The water soluble fabric was then washed away, the embroidery was stretched, pinned and left to dry.

I used transfer paper that I ran through the print for the text which was ironed onto pre painted fabric cut out and zig zagged around, double sided fusible was added to the back and pressed in place on the front.

The ‘Tudor rose’ like flowers where made from 41/2” squares of fabric folded origami style, stitched to hold together and beads added.

Beads have been stitched all around the edge.

The spine 1” wide has pre-painted fabric diamonds stitched down the centre, with the edges being satin stitched all round.  The hand dyed threads have been stitched ‘long stitch style either side of the diamonds.  The carpet sample screws have been placed equally in the spine.  The spine and cover have been joined together with a separate piece of fabric on the back to form a folding cover.

Double sided fusible web has been used to stick it all together.

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